Staying Safe & Secure

Securing your online accounts is more critical in this increasingly digital world. Hackers are determined to exploit any vulnerability in an effort to steal your funds and information; and the crypto-industry has seen an increase in login attempts using credentials compromised from other breaches.

To help keep our customers safe, we would like to provide some basic security best practices. We encourage you to apply these to all of your new and existing accounts where possible:

  • Never share your wallets private keys or seed phrase with anyone. 
  • Never reuse passwords; ensure that each account has a unique password
    Passwords should be long, complex, and difficult to guess (we recommend 14 characters or longer), including letters (capital and lowercase), numerals, and special characters.
  • To manage the difficulty of having so many passwords, you can either create passphrases that are memorable (incorporating complex elements), or use a password manager (recommended)
  • When receiving any request for personally identifying information via email, text, or telephone, independently verify the validity of the request by contacting the institution directly before providing information
  • Always enable two-factor authentication on every service that offers it— we recommend using authentication methods other than cell phones, as these can be hijacked in simjacking attacks

Visit to see if you’ve ever been impacted by any of the security breaches happening around the world. At Currency Hub, we work hard to ensure your information remains secure.

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